Work Means Joy

Our life together necessarily involves working together. Cleaning our homes, tending to yards, sweeping the streets, building a house – whatever the project may be –  we greatly value the opportunities we have to come alongside one another and work hard. Work is another opportunity to practice unity, patience, and putting the needs of other before our own, and it is in work that we find joy with our brothers and sisters.

Work as spirit and spirit as work – that is the fundamental nature of the future order of peace, which comes to us in Christ. Work alone makes it possible to live in community, for work means joy in striving for the common good and joy in the presence of those we strive with. Such joy is given to us only as far as we are able to sustain a consecrated relationship to the Eternal, even when performing the most mundane tasks – only as far as we remember that everything that is material and earthly is, at the same time, consecrated to God’s future.

– Eberhard Arnold

While some of our people seek to practice this joy and represent Christ in jobs outside of the community, many of us are privileged to work together on a daily basis in our Adsideo family-owned businesses. These businesses help sustain the life of the church, but we view these businesses not simply as ways to make money and climb the ladder to the top of the market but as places and opportunities to faithfully give witness to the grace and truth of Christ. We cherish the moments of forming relationships with our customers, learning about their life and inviting them into ours. We get to enjoy working together and embody Christ’s presence to those we come in contact with.

To learn more about Adsideo-owned businesses, see below.

The Living Room Coffeehouse

As part of our desire to invite neighbors into our life and space, Adsideo has operated The Living Room Coffeehouse in Sellwood for 7+ years. We seek to not only offer great coffee drinks, pastries, and snacks, but also to provide a place for people to study or work, meet with a friend, form new relationships, and simply relax. The Living Room is filled with comfortable tables and seating and is the favorite gathering place for a number of regulars, including a group of caseworkers and special needs people in the community. Everyone is always welcome at the Living Room!

Forward Paddle Rafting Co.

Whitewater rafting and outdoor adventure has been a key part of our lives for many years. We operated as a non-profit organization providing trips for youth and church groups for many years and now operate as a business, taking 2500+ people down the river each summer. Forward Paddle Rafting Company offers trips on the Lower Deschutes River in Maupin, OR, and provides many opportunities for us to meet people and experience the outdoors with them. We take pride in offering some of the greatest hospitality and service to whitewater rafters, and we get to enjoy the river together!

Sellwood Cigar

What began as a small hobby for some of us and continues to be a great time of simply relaxing and enjoying time together has also turned into a meaningful business venture – Sellwood Cigar. Actor Raul Julia once said, “A cigar is as good as the memories you make while smoking it.” While some of us simply appreciate a good cigar, we find the most value in the memories we make while enjoying a smoke together. This carries over into the business.  A unique walk-in humidor filled with great cigars provides us great opportunities to establish relationships with people that we would likely never meet if it weren’t for cigars.