Adsideo Resources

This is a growing collection of resources coming out of Adsideo’s various Scripture and book study classes. We spend significant time studying the scriptures, church history, and the lives of the faithful ones who have gone before us. Our focus is not to simply learn new information but to gain conviction and understanding of the faith passed down to us so that we may live it out in our daily life together.

We want the insights we have gained through study and reflection to be useful to the wider body as well. If you have any questions about our readings or study classes, please use the Contact page to let us know how we can help.

The Faithful

Adsideo Church devotes several weeks each year to the study and remembrance of faithful followers of Jesus throughout history. Celebration of the Faithful month is a much anticipated opportunity to be challenged and provoked by those who lived in faithfulness to the call of Christ and did not love their own lives even in the face of persecution and death. Their simple obedience is an implicit criticism on our own lives as we seek to also live faithfully.

These are the lives we have learned about and been challenged through. The “cameo” presentations have been researched and presented by various members of Adsideo, and we hope that the time committed to studying their lives will be a great gift to you as it has been to us.

Acts of the Apostles: Timelines

One of our Bible classes spent over a year studying the book of Acts together. The final task was to create a timeline of events and characters recorded in the book.

Each timeline is different, but they all provide valuable insight into Luke’s second writing about Jesus and the Church.